Bronwyn Holloway-Smith

old brick; good-bye (2015)

January 01, 2015

old brick


an old brick made on Pukeahu

from clay sourced on-site

embedded back in the clay of Pukeahu

pointing towards the tree that once was

or may still be

a miniature diplomatic-sized flag

patchworked together with pieces

cut from two flags


hung in a studio window

A political-romantic-conceptual response to this article.

IMG 6147 IMG 6161

IMG 6227 IMG 6184

IMG 6187

Created for the exhibition The levelling of Pukeahu, an Enjoy Public Art Gallery offsite project curated by Emma Ng, 7 Mar 2015 - 21 Mar 2015.

A twitter-facilitated series of events that followed:

I cooked and ate the tree (well, part of it anyway). It tasted a bit like artichoke, but stringy. Not too bad when it was freshly cooked (boiled in salted water), but bitter when it was cold.

Bronwyn Holloway-Smith

Written by Bronwyn Holloway-Smith who is an artist in Wellington, New Zealand. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter