Bronwyn Holloway-Smith

Erased Bursary Art Folio (2006)

January 01, 2006

makebelieve2 erased folio erased folio detail

Mixed media, various erased drawings and paintings

Erased Bursary Art Folio is a continuation of painterly experiments with ideas of disappearance and the invisible. As the title suggests Folio is a major reworking of Smith’s Bursary Painting folio whereby pigment has been removed from the surface of this historic body of work to create a new un-painted folio. Two gaping holes mark where works have been removed from the folio – the reason and whereabouts unknown (or kept secret by the artist). Mildly referencing Michael Stevenson’s Genealogy (2000) whereby Stevenson fabricated School Certificate art folios by other New Zealand artists, Folio asks us to query whether we believe that the folio is in fact the real deal, or yet another impostor. Boldly moving beyond the sentimentality of juvenile art to query the format of New Zealand high-school art grading, Folio is both a tribute and requiem to Smith’s own art education.

  • Makebelieve exhibition text



Rm 103, Auckland, 6-15 July 2006

Bronwyn Holloway-Smith

Written by Bronwyn Holloway-Smith who is an artist in Wellington, New Zealand. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter