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Recommended: Bedwyr Williams at Enjoy

January 20, 2009

Bedwyr Williams at Enjoy

Bedwyr Williams Enjoy Public Art Gallery

22 Jan-14 Feb 2009

Opening celebration and performance “Methodist to my Madness” 6pm, 21 Jan

For his exhibition at Enjoy, Williams will explore the limited power of the art poster. The show will include posters for exhibitions that never got off the ground and performances that never happened, baffling posters, clever posters, dumb posters, posters which stink of ink, posters that fade, posters designed by interns or drawn by children and simple posters.

The opening event will also feature Williams’ performance Methodist to my Madness in which he appears as a Methodist preacher. It is a performance work about the process of a performance, from beginning to end: from the invitation of the curator to dressing at the office of the gallery afterwards. Raised in a religious family, church services were the first “performances” the artist saw. The theatrics of the frightening disciplinary sermons were Bedwyr Williams’ direct inspiration for this work.

Bedwyr Williams will also undertake a One Day Sculpture commission for Enjoy on 12 Feb 09. For this 24-hour event Bedwyr will make every minute count. In Le ‘Welsh’ Man’s 24 hour an uncomfortable marriage between motorsports and art will be created. It will be fast, furious, and an event in which individual people, buildings, pets and the odd bump in the road will no doubt play an intricate part, and become the artistic subject matter.

The results of this intense gumball rally will accumulate by the hours, create a build up of anticipation, physical visual interpretations of his subjects and materialise to a grand finale. You have to be there. This one cannot be missed. See here for more info.

Both projects are curated by Siv B.Fjærestad.

Bronwyn Holloway-Smith

Written by Bronwyn Holloway-Smith who is an artist in Wellington, New Zealand. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter