Bronwyn Holloway-Smith

How not to get your photo in the DomPost

December 01, 2007

Was Fairfax breaking the law? And was their justification good enough? Well it seems that the Solicitor-General didn’t think so, and neither do I, so when the opportunity arose for me to have my face in the Dom I thought my opinion should go with it, in the form of a specially produced t-shirt reading “FAIRFAX TRIAL?”. Unsurprisingly it wasn’t published…luckily we took our own photos.

The published article can be found in the Indulgence section of the November 24, 2007 issue of the Dominion Post.


Jonathan Ah Kit

Heya Bronwyn! Haven’t talked to you for ages!

But I’ve just seen the Dominion article on PressDisplay… the writeup looked pretty fab. :) And I like the t-shirt too… pity they didn’t use that. :-(

Bronwyn Holloway-Smith

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